Free Shipping to the UK & Ireland on Orders of 50€ & over


How long will my order they take to arrive?

I'd aim to have your order with you within four working days if you're in the UK or island of Ireland.


Can I order the marshmallows & rocky roads in advance?

Yes, they are best eaten fresh and will keep for up to 3 or 4 weeks, depending on the flavour. If you would love them to arrive later, please mention your preferred delivery date

What are your shipping costs?

Delivery is free for orders of 30€ or more within the UK or Ireland, otherwise, it costs an extra 5€.

How can I pay?

You can select Paypal Express, which accepts Visa, Mastercard debit cards, as well as Paypal. Otherwise the credit card option also accepts the above cards.

Are they suitable for vegetarians?

No, as they are made using beef-derived gelatine.

Are they suitable for coeliacs?

Yes, all the marshmallow flavours are free of gluten, as is the raspberry dark chocolate & cranberry rocky road recipe.

What is the best way to keep them fresh?

Keep them sealed and out of direct sunlight.

How long will the marshmallows & rocky roads keep?

Mallow Mia marshmallows are fresh confectionery, made with less sugar than regular pink&white ones. For this reason, the 100g treat bags and larger marshmallow bags will have a minimum 3 week shelf life on delivery.
Wedding favour bags containing 2 different flavours are best consumed within 10 days. The marshmallows are porous and the flavours can mix together if stored for much longer in the same pack.
The rocky roads should be also kept in a sealed container and eaten within 2.5 weeks, the raspberry dark chocolate & cranberry recipe will keep for up to 4 weeks.

Can I freeze the marshmallows?

Yes, freeze in a sealed container & they'll defrost in no time at room temperature.